Dismissed employee misses Employment Tribunal deadline in Cash Converters claim

DismissalA Cash Converters employee has had his claim for unfair dismissal rejected by an employment tribunal; under UK employment law, claims for unfair dismissal must be raised within three months of the dismissal. Because the claimant missed the deadline, his claim was therefore rejected.

Mr Tansley had worked as a General Assistant at the Cash Converters pawnbrokers in Preston Brook, Runcorn. However, he was dismissed from his position due to a ‘cash handling breach of procedure’ involving £200. Mr Tansley said that his error had been a genuine mistake; he raised a claim to the Birmingham Employment Tribunal, alleging unfair dismissal.

At the preliminary tribunal hearing, representatives for Cash Converters opposed the claim, saying that Mr Tansley had missed the tribunal’s deadline of three months. Judge Dimbylow agreed, saying: “Mr Tansley had opportunities to register his claim in time but I appreciate he devoted his time to more important matters, such as looking for another job.”

He continued: “Nevertheless, the claim was registered past the tribunal’s three month deadline and I have no jurisdiction to allow the case to go ahead.”

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August 19, 2013


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