Headteacher takes discrimination case to employment tribunal

Headteacher2A former headteacher has brought her school Governing Body and Borough Council to an employment tribunal, alleging racial discrimination.

In 2009, Mrs Sudhana Singh, an Indian immigrant living in the UK, was hired as headteacher at Moorlands Primary School in Tilehurst.

Mrs Singh alleges trouble began when a ‘malicious in nature’ letter was anonymously delivered to the school Governing Body in 2011. Meanwhile, ‘deeply entrenched racist views’ from children and their parents had become all too common at the school.

After unsuccessful attempts to garner support from her governors, Mrs Singh lodged a complaint with Reading Borough Council, concerning the ‘deep seated’ and ‘endemic’ racism at the school.

However, Mrs Singh alleges that the council did not conduct a proper investigation.

‘While I continually sought help from the local authority and tried to engage with the governing body, all my efforts were met with a lack of duty of care from both Respondents … I began to feel so unsafe when I went to school that I sought the help of the police.

Mrs Singh eventually took up sick leave and claims that throughout this time, her Governing Body was anxious to terminate her employment.

The report from the investigation by Reading Borough Council was critical of Mrs Singh, citing an alleged ‘climate of fear’ surrounding her.

The tribunal is expected to continue over the next couple of weeks and its details will be closely followed by employment law lawyers.

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March 17, 2012


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