Introduction of Employment Tribunal Fees

CourtsStarting from July 29, 2013, you are required to pay tribunal fees to have your claim heard at the employment tribunal. Although, people who are on a lower income may be exempt from these fees. There are two separate charges: an ‘issue fee’ paid at the time that the claim is registered with the tribunal, and, secondly, a ‘hearing fee’ required if the tribunal allows the claim to proceed to a full hearing. The government hopes that the introduction of fees will reduce the number of claims raised each year.

As part of the new fee system, claimants will first pay an issue fee, which can range from £160 to £250 depending on the claim. Applications for unfair dismissal or discrimination, which are considered more complex claims, will command the highest fee. If the tribunal allows a claim to proceed to a full hearing, a ‘hearing fee’ is required. The most complex of claims will cost claimants £950, meaning a combined total of £1,200 approximately for a claim for unfair dismissal.

However, not everyone will be required to pay the tribunal fees. People who are on a lower income or who are receiving income-based Jobseekers Allowance could be exempt. Depending on the individual’s income, they may only be required to pay a part of the fee, or else it may be waived entirely.

In addition, the employment tribunal may be more likely to order claimants to cover the costs of the other party’s legal fees, should their claim be unsuccessful. Previously, this rule was rarely ever enforced by tribunals, but this is likely to change in future. The government hopes that such measures will work towards reducing the pressure on the employment tribunal system, while dissuading any potentially dishonest claims.

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August 17, 2013


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